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Latest Reviews
  • D3vin1979 - 19-08-2019 12:43:08 am
    10 /10
    Lucy Lawless For The WIN!
  • Myrtw15 - 18-08-2019 10:40:42 am
    This is the new link for the sister site ---->
  • darkharvest - 17-08-2019 12:52:42 am
    s14 e00 vshare.eu/4z42j1pwcbxe.htm
  • darkharvest - 16-08-2019 1:24:41 am
    s3 e10 vshare.eu/4n6fnirt2fke.htm
  • D3vin1979 - 15-08-2019 11:04:48 pm
    10 /10
    I remember being in middle school, 90210 was all everyone talked abot the next day in class "omg did you see last night's episode?" this is great to see them all together for a reunion. except for Luke Perry R.I.P.
  • D3vin1979 - 15-08-2019 11:02:56 pm
    8 /10
    Ginni is perfect for the 1960's role. the show is cute, not bloody but it is a very interesting storyline.
  • D3vin1979 - 15-08-2019 8:46:13 pm
    10 /10
    I can't wait for this series, I loved the movie as a kid in the 80's. all you new kids here on the site should watch the movie first because this will be a prequel
  • Dyslogix - 15-08-2019 4:23:13 pm
    Loonies like their version of documentary better, and these are way more fun than ( insert historical facts we already know ) :)
  • smileforever4 - 15-08-2019 11:32:58 am
    9 /10
    Ughhhh this is definitely one of my favourite TV shows now! It keeps you guessing until the very end and the characters are easy to fall in love with (for me, i guess). Cannot wait for future seasons!!
  • skeptical1337 - 15-08-2019 1:16:19 am
    10 /10
  • Jazz8 - 14-08-2019 5:33:19 am
    Looks like Cobra Kai got another kick a** competition on their hands besides the show Warriors. Now this. They def need to put up some better/faster moves. Gd show but as I mentioned on the CK comment page, their moves are molasses, lol! Now, w/this show (8 - 8.5*), even the ladies can really kick some major keister. Lol! & who doesn’t like this dude from The Raid: Redemption & Raid 2 (Iku Uwais)? Man! Absolute bada**ery flicks! Wheew!
  • Jazz8 - 14-08-2019 4:54:31 am
    Sorry...First couple of eps bored the heck outta me. Scary? Nah! Not even close. The pilot is supposed to pull you in & wanting more. Not pull you out. Gave it another chance & clicked on ep 2...Guess what? I couldn’t even get myself to finish it & that’s all she wrote. Lol!......Next!
  • Bladesinger2469 - 13-08-2019 10:58:18 pm
    i have to agree but, i still like it
  • markhalsey - 13-08-2019 6:58:47 am
    I couldn’t disagree any more regarding the comments posted below, nor any opinion derived to skip this television series altogether. One of the comments mentioned, to paraphrase, “not worth watching, as not one single likeable character; how can you watch a show which is just morally wrong.” If a character is portrayed as not-likeable, the Producers, Directors & Actors must have done a splendid job, specifically pertaining to their acting prowess. #ShutEye was a Brilliant TV Show, with an All-St
  • Jazz8 - 13-08-2019 5:57:52 am
    No question this is one of my fave dance shows. The other? Duh! World Of Dance. Speaking of w/c, they give out a cool mil to the top Kahuna. While SYTYCD is a paltry quarter of a million $? I say paltry bec the contestants on the latter gets to learn more styles/genre of dances that’s out of their comfort zone(s) & def work/grind more compared to WOD. What I’m trying to say is Nigel’s company is being cheap compared to Jennifer’s. Lol! & this show’s been running forever.
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